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Eezisit Inflatable Cushion



Unfortunately, as of 1 January 2015 Eezisit is now ONLY AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY TO UK ADDRESSES.


Purchasers with a discount arrangement on the original Eezisit can either: 1) pay at the full price, quoting the relevant membership number or discount code with the delivery instructions; a refund for the discount will then be made via Paypal. 2) Email qwolsol@gmail.com with your paypal email details and we will send you an invoice for the discounted price.



Eezisit® – the ALL NEW PRODUCT for all seasons and all reasons!


Dry mat or cushion


Hard, damp dirty or cold surfaces (walls, outdoor benches, beaches, rocks, grass) – no problem. Use simply as a dry mat (un-inflated) or cushion (inflated) anytime, anywhere. Eezisit® is even being used as a “go anywhere” specialist meditation cushion! Cleans easily and quickly simply using a damp cloth. Perfect for ramblers/hikers, festival goers (THE NEW ‘IN’ FESTIVAL PRODUCT - make it part of your essential festival gear), campers, scouts/guides, football/rugby/cricket fans, rambling/hiking and for taking on picnics etc. Wet sand/shingle/rocks – keep dry and comfortable! Wet/dirty outside seats – keep dry and clean! Cold frosty conditions – excellent insulation! In extreme hot weather, a couple of handful’s of crushed ice can even be added to Eezisit® prior to inflation and sealing, in order to provide a perfect cool cushion system for real comfort; eezisit® is the ONLY system capable of providing this unique dual function.



Another previous customer: ‘This is by far the best inflatable cushion on the market and mine goes everywhere with me’.



Moving around from area to area at many of the festival sites can be tiring (and thirsty!) work. Only trouble is, where can you find somewhere dry and comfortable to sit down to recover? The solution is eezi, with your Eezisit®!

See in action as a ‘use anywhere’ travel cushion:


Childrens Booster Cushion.

Perfect, transportable and easily inflatable/deflatable to use as a booster seat for children in restaurants, at the theatre or cinema, even on the water! Take, wherever you travel!


Waterproof ‘dry bag’ for phone, money, keys …

Eezisit® can double up as a waterproof ‘dry bag’ for storing car keys, watches etc., when on or near water – when inflated, the unique seal tight system that keeps the air in, also keeps water out! Use as a cushion at the same time as keeping your valuables dry!

View this unique feature:




Camping or festivals to attend? Why use up valuable space with normal pillows. Take an Eezisit® for use as a dry mat or cushion by day and a pillow (under the top of your sleeping bag) at night. Can also be used in airports (when that flight is delayed!), on the plane, in the car or even on the beach!




For a quiet read or just to relax!


‘Just used this all weekend at the Isle of Wight festival – worked a treat!  Thank You!’ Jenifer, Devon