Back pain and pressure relief

Eezisit Inflatable Cushion


Unfortunately, as of 1 January 2015 Eezisit is now ONLY AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY TO UK ADDRESSES.


Purchasers with a discount arrangement on the original Eezisit can either: 1) pay at the full price, quoting the relevant membership number or discount code with the delivery instructions; a refund for the discount will then be made via Paypal. 2) Email with your paypal email details and we will send you an invoice for the discounted price.


Suffer with back aches and pains ?

Do you suffer from irritating “non-specific” back aches and pains? You are not on your own! So do some 10 million adults at any one time in the UK alone! Find it difficult to sit comfortably and concentrate at work? Always struggling in restaurants, at the cinema, on the plane, in buses, etc.? Can’t find anything available that is easily portable (fits into a handbag or jacket pocket) and `useable` whenever, or wherever, needed?

Originally designed as an easily portable travel cushion / pillow, extensive feed back from existing and previous customers has revealed that Eezisit®’s unique features create the perfect “go anywhere, use anywhere” back rest cushion to ease sitting and prevent and reduce the effects of back ache.

The Eezisit® self inflate unit can reduce the stress and fatigue that creates back-ache, even before any ache sets in. Eezisit® supports the spine and lower back encouraging correct posture. The ability to easily alter the degree of inflation allows the unique shape to ‘envelope the lower back’ in a pressure-relieving ‘cocoon of air’ to hold, support and massage overtaxed  postural muscles. The motion-response cushioning shapes to your body for lasting support with every move. The user chooses the best shape and degree of inflation for their back and the particular seating in use. Occasionally modifying the amount of inflation will alter the users position slightly and can help reduce back fatigue.


The flexibility of the Eezisit® system enables it to be adjusted to allow the user to sit ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ the support structure, providing a class leading pressure equalisation capability and potentially assisting in relief/recovery from certain medical problems for example spinal injuries, herniated discs, sciatica and general soft tissue/muscle damage. The deep air cushion provides a ‘reactive support system’ that conventional cushions, micro-bead, gel-based products and even memory foam systems cannot match, these all tending to ‘settle’ correctly around your contours initially but then failing to instantly adjust and match your shape as you move. Eezisit converts almost any seat into the perfect seat, anywhere you are. Portable and light, the best ‘hydrotherapy’ substitute for your back!

View Eezisit® in use as a backrest:

Many people are aware of the benefits of water as a support medium for assisting in controlled / supported exercise and in recovery following injuries. As a pressure equalisation and support medium, water is about as good as you can get! Unfortunately, water is too heavy to be used as a pressure relief / support medium in transportable cushions, mattresses etc.; the next best thing however, which also happens to be light and very transportable (being all around us), is air. For portability and the potential to provide extremely effective pressure equalisation, uniform support and relief, inflatable systems provide huge benefits and are widely employed. Due to the nature of inflatable systems (which are blown-up ‘fully’), most of the systems available focus on providing specific ‘shaped’ geometries for specific areas of the body (e.g. lumbar region, bottom, neck etc.). Unfortunately, due to the wide range of body shapes and sizes, together with the huge range of injuries that can occur, a fixed geometry will not always be appropriate. A more flexible structure allows the air cushion to adapt to the contour of the problem area and provide cushioned support together with the ability to allow supported and assisted movement which can then aid recovery.


Eezisit®, which has in-built the required “contour adaptable” flexibility, has been developed using ‘State-of-the-Art’ Pressure-mapping imaging technology, as often applied in the development of systems for medical applications costing hundreds of pounds. Eezisit® provides a Class-Leading ‘pressure equalisation’ and relief capability for a comfortable sitting experience, no matter how long the time period or how hard the surface; see computer pressure profile images below. Any pressure points would show up green, yellow, orange or red in the map (none are present). All the map areas display blue colouration with pressures remaining below 90mm Hg. Pressure issues begin to occur above 120 – 200 mm Hg.

Eezisit® is also now proving hugely beneficial as a pressure-relieving rest/support system to improve comfort and aid recovery where injury, wounds or infected tissue are causing significant pain (e.g. leg, arms etc.), hemorrhoid discomfort, Coccyx pain, bursitis, etc.  Once again, the mobile / active cushioned support system provides the perfect pressure equalisation function for class leading relief. A couple of handful’s of crushed ice can even be added to Eezisit® prior to inflation and sealing, in order to provide a perfect cushioned ‘ice-pack’ system to further enhance recovery and relief; eezisit® is the ONLY system capable of providing this unique dual function.

Pressure profile – cushion








Pressure profile – backrest



Some quotes from previous satisfied customers:

“Very helpful. Gives good support for spine injury. Thanks !” Mr M, Essex

“Wonderful item. Great for posture and back problems”, George, Durham.

“Great Back and bottom support. Very comfy and very quick and easy to use. All the family want one!”

“Dear eezisit. I have been suffering with a condition called Henoch-Scholien Purpura for over 9 weeks. This causes ulcers and has ‘eaten’ away at my lower legs causing unbearable pain. The eezisit, used as a pressure relief support cushion, has helped me to relax and rest during the day and sleep at night – I would not be without it now!”  Mr O, Oxfordshire


Don’t continue to suffer and miss out on family days out and experiences anymore. Get your Eezisit® today.



Some key technical arguments in relation to Eezisit® as a backrest

The human structure is fundamentally designed to spend most of its time vertical, involved in active movements that exercise the entire muscle structure (original hunter gatherers). Most people will recognise the skeletal profile below.

However, notice in particular the structural geometry of the back, especially the lower back with the concave shape to the rear – this puts our lower back in its ‘as designed condition’, under compression at the rear and tension at the front (think as a child when snapping a twig – the outside of the bend stretches further and breaks initially, the inside bend of the twig being pressed together).

Unfortunately more and more people are spending less and less time involved in vertical activities and movement/exercise, but more and more of the time like this:Even when we are asleep, we often end up on our side like this:
Or on our back, like this!The result of all of this is that more and more of the time our lower backs are settling into the incorrect position (rear lower back in tension rather than compression) and the core muscles that are meant to be exercised correctly to enable us to move and function as intended are being neglected and become unable to perform without avoiding injury and resultant pain. Lying or sleeping on your front enables the hips to drop down somewhat and gets the lower back into its correct compression geometry, but you then need to twist your neck and put a degree of twist and tension in your upper back, or suffocate! Now, take a look at the following photograph, and you decide.
If you have back pain, sleeping with the partially inflated Eezisit® in the base of the back enables the following:
  • You can lie on your back (and hence breathe!), but also ensure the lower back is held in the correct compression condition, as intended.
  • The lower back muscles can then relax while being supported on a perfect pressure-neutral cushion of air that moulds to the backs natural profile.
  • The air cushion is naturally warmed up from your own body heat, providing a natural heat treatment / soothing of the affected area.
  • Tension that results in muscle cramps and spasms is reduced or avoided.
  • The air cushion allows movement to occur, but always while supported; hence avoiding overworking the damaged tissue, but allowing supported exercise/recovery of that tissue.

And all this can happen, while you are asleep! Imagine, helping to fix and strengthen your back, in its correct geometry and all you have to do is sleep! Anybody not sleep?

Add to this the fact that the Eezisit® is compact and has the unique patented inflation/deflation technology and can be used in the car, at the office, on holiday, in fact anytime you are awake, and you can see why you will never look ‘back’!


Eezisit® as a Core stability ‘wobble’ cushion.

Eezisit® can even be used as a ‘wobble’ cushion to improve sitting posture, provide an ‘active’ sitting experience and enhance core stability strength! Perfect for workers who ‘hot’ desk and are always on the move.



Eezisit® as a Footrest / leg exerciser.

Uncomfortable sitting for long periods when your feet don’t quite reach the ground (e.g. long flights). Eezisit® can even be used as a portable footrest and leg exerciser while seated. Take one whenever you travel!