Eezisit® was invented in the UK by Dr Tony Moreton as a SELF INFLATING BACKREST/CUSHION that avoids the need for any type of air valve, the main drawback of all current inflatable products. The system employs a unique sealing system and works in a similar manner as to when air becomes trapped inside a plastic bag. Very easy and rapid to inflate and deflate, the product can be used primarily as a back rest support, but also as a cushion at events or concerts, sports events, visits to the park or seaside, even for sitting on a wall or wet bench.

It can also be used as a pillow in the car or on a plane or as a children’s booster cushion say in the cinema or at a restaurant. The original idea was prompted by reading an article about a new type of portable cardboard seat. This initiated a search of available easily portable seating products. An inflatable system seemed to be the way forward, but it occurred to Tony that it should be possible to devise a product that avoided the huffing and puffing of conventional inflatables and subsequent wrestling with the air valve to let them down. Following the initial idea, Tony with the help of a close friend Dave Kirby, developed and tested various methods and seal types. Raw material PVC was obtained in the form of children’s water slides and other inflatable products from local stores. They then purchased a heat welder, PVC adhesive and set to work making prototypes under a cloak of tight secrecy. Once the concept had been adequately proven, a Patent Application and Trademark submission were submitted.

A search for possible collaborators to assist with bringing the product into mass production and to market led the duo, after a number of false starts, to another Oxfordshire based company, ABC Inflatables Ltd in Banbury.

From the outset the partnership of the two companies was a resounding success and after some ten months of close working and perseverance with their manufacturer’s, initial samples and then pre-production testing samples led to the first batch of Eezisit® cushions going on sale in the UK during 2009. The initial batch were sold online and marketed to events and promotions companies to gauge feedback and enable further testing and optimisation of the product. Collaboration with specialists in the manufacture of pressure relieving cushions in the medical sector, together with feedback from customers led to further development and testing of the product in relation to its potential use primarily as an extremely comfortable backrest. Initial feed-back was extremely positive. However, a series of challenges relating to ensuring key product optimisation changes were correctly implemented by suppliers subsequently proved more taxing than hoped and led to project delays. The benefit was that this enabled the Patent Application process to be fully completed with the Patent being granted in 2012. All good things come to those who wait, and the all new and improved Eezisit® backrest has now arrived!

Eezisit® is now beginning its first gradual and focussed marketing programme aimed specifically at its various target audiences.

In addition to weird back cushions, Tony has written two new non-Fiction books that take a crazy humorous look at life – available through Amazon for the Kindle and as a paperback:

Kindle – Book 1


Kindle – Book 2

For the paperback versions – find on ebay or email qwolsol@gmail.com.