Eezisit Inflatable Cushion



Unfortunately, as of 1 January 2015 Eezisit is now ONLY AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY TO UK ADDRESSES.


Purchasers with a discount arrangement on the original Eezisit can either: 1) pay at the full price, quoting the relevant membership number or discount code with the delivery instructions; a refund for the discount will then be made via Paypal. 2) Email with your paypal email details and we will send you an invoice for the discounted price.



Remember our name – no other inflatable system, ANYWHERE, is the same!

Like all the best inventions – ‘simple and obvious’ (…. with hindsight!).

So, what is it?

THE ALL NEW self inflatable backrest, cushion and pillow. The most mobile and comfortable ‘cushion of air’ available.

Why should you be interested?

  • Class leading comfort and pressure relief for BACK ACHES, OTHER PAINS and DISCOMFORT.
  • Patented “MAGIC” INFLATION – the ONLY inflatable ANYWHERE with no fiddly air valve, no blowing or pumping up – for “use anywhere, any time” flexibility.
  • MULTIPLE USES as an inflatable back support cushion, dry mat seat, travel cushion, pillow, children’s booster cushion, core stability “wobble” cushion,  footrest / exerciser (e.g. for on flights), pressure-relief support aid to ease pain, ‘even a waterproof dry bag’!

The new Eezisit® rapid inflate/deflate portable back support cushion – it works simply like trapping air inside a plastic bag. The unique and patented “self seal/inflation/unseal/deflation” system removes all the pain and hassle of conventional inflatable systems. No conventional air valve or huffing and puffing required to inflate and no prolonged “wrestling” with the cushion and valve to let down! As featured on the Chris Evans show live on Radio 2; quote from Chris on seeing the almost ‘magic’ inflation - deflation process for the first time “That is Genius!”

View the ‘magic’ self seal system in operation for yourself:


Just decide which function of Eezisit® you are interested in:


 Back pain / pressure relief

Medical - back pain, pressure relief, core stability

Back Pain / Pressure Relief, core stability


 Festivals, camping, hiking

Festival FUN !



 Brand promotion or re-selling




So, who can get great benefits from this all new product?

Well, where do we start? People with back problems, office workers (especially if you ‘hot desk’ and need rapid portability), companies who employ office workers and want to reduce lost time due to back problems, pregnant women, parents with children who need a portable usable booster cushion or a dry seat when at sports days, picnics, anybody out and about anywhere who wants to sit down and remain dry, hikers, ramblers, mountaineers, festival goers, campers, caravan people, sailors, people who go canoeing, people who want to meditate while out and about, yoga practitioners, football/rugby/cricket fans, people who take flights, people on long coach journeys, companies who want to use a unique product (branded to their corporate image) to spread their message ……

What do customers think?  

‘Brilliant! SO clever! Thanks.’  Val, Bristol.

‘Wonderful item. Great for posture and back problems.’ George, Durham.

‘This is the Best Travel Cushion ever. Brilliant idea. Thank you.’ Eileen Nottinghamshire.

‘Hi, I bought one of your backrest cushions to use on a long haul flight before Christmas. It worked absolutely brilliantly! I also use it in the car to ease my Sciatica. It’s so good, I want to order four more for family and friends!’ Mrs S, Berkshire.

“Eezisit – I find this  gives me the back support I need when breast feeding in hard back chairs and it folds down flat to the size of an envelope so it easily fits into a change bag or handbag. It’s a clever idea and easy to use.” Ms J, UK.

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Instructions for use


Eezisit® Instructions

1. Partial inflation.

Hold vertically (neck at top). With one hand inside the bag use other hand (outside) to “pull” the bag cavity open (allowing air to flow naturally inside).

2. Full inflation.

Remove hand from bag cavity, hold neck seal faces together and roll tightly in the direction of the arrow to compress the trapped air and fully inflate the system.

3. Secure inflated cushion.

When the rolled-up section reaches the Velcro, secure with the Velcro flap/tab and SIT. [Note: if there is insufficient air trapped simply unroll and open the neck to allow more air to enter inside and repeat 2,3. If too much air has entered the cushion to secure the velcro, simply unroll, open the neck slightly, squeeze a little air out of the cavity and repeat 2,3].


Finished in matt easy clean PVC as displayed on buy now page. New improved self-seal system and instructions (printed on cushion neck). Size/weight: 160 g; size inflated = 375mm x 375mm (max.) x 120mm; size deflated (e.g. 175mm x 175mm x 10mm, as packed). Comes complete with self-adhesive puncture repair patch; simply cut to size and apply ON THE INSIDE of the cushion for a perfect repair. Eezisit® is made from durable puncture resistant plastic, but should the worst happen, the ability ensure an effective repair is second to none (the repair patch being forced ON to the repaired surface rather than BLOWN OFF, as is the case with ALL CONVENTIONAL inflatable systems.

In addition, any puncture at an actual weld can also be repaired effectively using commercially available soft PVC adhesives (e.g. Polyurethane 3 available via Amazon and other suppliers). A simple dab of glue on a finger applied to the weld ON THE INSIDE, followed by firm pressure applied from the outside, enables a perfect re-seal to be accomplished. Thus, unlike normal inflatables where repairs cannot be made from the inside, eezisit® doesn’t need to be discarded at the first sign of trouble but can be made to last and last.

Note this product comes vacuumed down and the initial inflation and removal of folds/creases may take a couple of goes. Please read the instructions printed on the product and have a play around! Like all new and different things, there is a bit of a ‘knack’, but you will quickly get the hang of it and then never look ‘BACK’! Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

View in action:

Size rolled up 150mm x 55mm diameter (similar to small micro-umbrella):


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